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ABUS Lock Lubricant PS 88

Part No: ABUPS88

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ABUS Lock Lubricant PS 88

TheABUS PS 88 Lock Lubricant Spray 50mlis designed to lubricate and loosen sticky locks and mechanisms, it can be used on a variety of objects such as keyholes, tools and padlocks. The PS 88 spray also cleans out dirt and helps to protect your locks from harsh weather conditions and corrosion. Don't struggle with your locks, get the PS 88 spray today!

Specifications include:

  • ABUS PS88 Spray 50ml
  • Lubricates stiff padlocks, tools and keyholes
  • Cleans out dirt
  • Protects against harsh weather, such as ice
  • Prevents corrosion from dirt
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 50ml Can

Part Code: ABUPS88