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Lockout/Tagout Equipment


Lockout Kits/Boxes

The Redbox is a safe and convenient way to look after your padlocks.


Lockout Hasps

Lockout hasps are used to temporarily block access and can hold up to 6 padlocks.


Valve Lockouts

Valve lockouts can be used to lock access to gate valves during maintenance.


Lever Valve Lockouts

Valve lockouts can be used to lock access to lever valves during maintenance.


Cable Lockouts

The cable lockout is small, neat and fast, it can be used in a number of ways.


Pneumatic Lockouts

The pneumatic lockout is used to lockout compressed air connections during maintenance.


Cylinder Lockouts

Cylinder lockouts used to block access to gas bottles and connections during maintenance.


Plug & Pendant Lockouts

Pendant lockout used during maintenance making connection to a power outlet impossible.


Circuit Breaker Lockout

Circuit breaker lockout stops anybody accidently turning on a switch during maintenance work.